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Euro Journal ’21: Armour Modelling Japan, Euro 2006


Wednesday, 7 October:  Like many modellers I have a massive reference library. These include not just reference books on virtually everything related to military modelling, but also heaps of magazines, the world over, dating back to the 1990’s. MMiR, AFV Modellers, Model Magazine, Steel Masters, Tamiya Modelling Magazine and of course, the Japanese magazines are often most special. Armour Modelling was so difficult to source before the internet. Once Mission Models came on the scene they carried each issue and I was able to more regularly acquire them. There is such a mystique to these Japanese magazines. The sheer volume of models produced within its pages is madness! And I do so love it.

The other odd day I was cleaning out my US atelier and I began to organise the magazines I’ve hoarded over the decades. Strange to even say decades now. But a true enough statement to be sure. There in not one, but two boxes were every bi-monthly issue of Armour Modelling magazine stretching back to 1996 through 2008 when the financial crisis struck and modelling took a back seat in my life until 2012.

And so, I began the task of sorting through them, deciding which would remain in storage and which would travel to my atelier in Espana, joining my collection of Armour Modelling magazines 2012-present. As I perused the 12 December 2006 issue what did I find to my great surprise? No less than a two page show report  on Euro Militaire 2006. One of my favourite years.

Armour Modelling 12 December 2006

Although, honestly, ALL Euros are my favourite.

2006 was the year Philip Stutcinskas won Best in Show with his PzKpfw IV Ausf J Viking Division  diorama titled “The Way to Glory.” This was also the year Douglas Lee brought another of his epic dioramas. That year it was a Saharian themed diorama titled “Lord of Cirenica.”

Euro Militaire Report 2006 Page 1
Euro Report 2006 Page 2

A very nice surprise for me this Autumn morning. Hopefully for you as well as the countdown to Euro Miniatures Expo 2021 continues.


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