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Euro Journal ’21: COVID Cancellation

Sunday 21, February: Feeling rather gutted this moment. Just read a post on the Euro Miniatures Expo Facebook page. Due to COVID-19 lockdowns and too many unknowns, Euro 2021 has gone the way of Euro 2020. This will be the third consecutive Euro I will have missed.

My last was in 2018. This seems so long ago. It’s just so heartbreaking. 

A sensible conclusion given the state of the world this moment. But feels a bit premature to me. In the US almost every over 65 has already had the vaccine with over 50’s next (my age group) and word from the CDC is pretty much everyone will be jabbed by July. The same words from the UK.

Had an exchange with the organiser who informs me Euro will continue which is very, very good news. It has so much to offer and expect it to continue on for decades to come.

My other passion, dioramas aside, is writing. It’s not something

The Clifton Reservation
Reservation for The Clifton Hotel 2021

I talk about very much. I think I prefer the idea of letting the written word speak for me. Anyway. I’ve written a novel. Actually a trilogy. And where better to launch and do readings than at the Folkestone Book Festival where so much of the first book in the series takes place.

Unfortunately for me (and Daiana and Tom for that matter) is the fact the festival takes place in deepest darkest November. Whilst there is something lovely about coming in from the cold blustery Leas to a warm fire and a drink in the Clifton Hotel, it’s no fun going for walks and forget about our Dream Hike.

I currently have a reservation at The Clifton Hotel and bought British Airways flights + return for the week before Euro. If the pandemic is behind us we’ll likely go anyway. Nevermind Euro. Well lift a glass from The Clifton terrace in memoriam to Euro.

It’s probably not worthy of a mention but, I’ll toss it in anyway. I hummed and hawed ages about should I book a flight or should I not book a flight, putting it off for ages and BA Flights & Returnages. And, of course, just as soon as I’ve made the reservations and paid for them the Euro is cancelled. I’m too terribly bent by it as we would be in London anyway for holiday and what’s London without a trip down to Folkestone.

So then, there you have. Rather a mixed bag on this Sunday in February.

As always, may the road rise with you. The end of this is ever so near now. Keep yourselves and each other safe.



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