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Euro Journal ’21: A Return to Normalcy

Wednesday, 16 September: One step closer to a return to normalcy. Call me optimistic, but the news on a Coronavirus vaccine coming from the Centre for Disease Control is good. I think by Christmas time all of us in the Williams household will be vaccinated.

With this good news I feel optimistic. So much so I made a brace of hotel reservations for 2021. The obsessive side of me really enjoys the organzing of these trips. The first for World Expo ’21 in Eindhoven, Holland. Veldhoven actually. 5 night stay at the NH. Arriving from Girona, Spain to Eindhoven airport on the  oh so glamours RyanAir. I know. RyanAir is rough as a badger’s bum, but the flight is short and direct. Girona is close to my home in the Costa Brava and Eindhoven airport is maybe ten minutes from the hotel.

The second reservation is at the (do you really need to guess) Clifton Hotel, Folkestone from 12 to 21 September for Euro. Flying from Barcelona, Spain to England has changed a bit for us since  2018. British Airways—our preferred carrier—no longer flies into Gatwick. They have given up their gates to Veuling. I don’t prefer the Spanish budget airline. So, we’ll  fly into Heathrow. It’s no matter.

I’m also thinking about attending the KMK show in September, but have not yet made the reservation as I await details from the KMK fellows. There is also two Spanish shows in the spring we like to attend. Leganes in March is a good one, and growing better each year. In fact, it was one of the few concorsos to have succesfully run in 2021. It’s also very close to Madrid which in a pandemic free world is a delight. The other is the legendary AMT Torrent. My favourite Spanish show since I first attended it in 2005. Torrent is a suburb of Valencia, which is a great city to visit, rather like a smaller seaside version of Madrid. It has excellent restaurants as well as a delightful hotel on the Med called the Hotel Las Arenas. With a lido second-to-none and rooms with great views of the Med it makes AMT Torrent all the more a destination.

I was looking at my itinerary for Euro 2020, realising, of course, Euro has been cancelled this year, and noticed today was meant to be the day of Dream Hike #6. It really wrecks me that we’re not there doing this hike today. Of course, it doesn’t help the weather today in Fokestone was a delightful 72f and sunny.

Ah, nevermind then. Here is a little video of the hike from 2018.

Great days ahead for us all. Just gotta stick it out and stay safe a bit longer.

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