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Euro Journal ’21: Euro Miniatures Expo ’20. What Could Have Been.

Saturday, 19 September: Today was meant to be the first day of Euro Miniatures Expo 2020 in Folkestone. What could have been. It should have been great. As great as always. It’s a shame the world is under such caution. If all had gone to plan at this moment I’d be having a little walk amongst the trader stalls spending gobs of £ on figurines and accessories and blowing through my credit card limit at Bookworld. I’d wander across the street to Scuba for a pint and a Ploughman’s for lunch and then right back to the Leas Cliff Hall for the rest of the day. Of course the weather is brilliant. Sunshine and 70f (21c).

Speaking of which, did you know weather is a third to place and time? This is never more true than in Folkestone. In fact it’s so true for Folkestone it’s quoted on the Harbour Arm lighthouse. My first fateful year at Euro was in 2003. And England — in fact most of Western Europe — suffered a summer heatwave like none had seen in a 100 years. Even the Danube dried up. I got on an aeroplane in hot sunny Southern California to arrive to hot and sunny England. It was quite incredible, really. Of course, one cannot expect each year it’ll be 85 and sunny in Folkestone, but September is a stable month in England and normally the weather is quite fine. In fact each walk Daiana and I have done from Dover to Folkestone has  averaged 75 f.    

Sunset from the View Hotel on The Leas

Most years when I arrived on Wednesday  it would be delightfully mild and sunny. In 2012 — when I returned to some semblance of normalcy in my life — Euro had a bashing down rainstorm on Sunday during the show.

Euro reborn as Euro-Miniatures Expo in 2017 had its worst weekend weather with rain both days. The first Daiana attended in 2015 we only visited for five days and it was a mixed bag of chilly days and fine days. With a single rain storm on Friday morning which was our originally scheduled Dover-Folkestone walk day. It poured stair-rods. I wanted to press on, but Daiana talked me out of it. Instead we went to Canterbury and ended up with a truly lovely day out with loads of sunshine.

The view from above Folkestone.

It’s not out-of-character for me to wear shorts during the day in Folkestone, adding a jumper if it’s a bit cooler. Normally the day time is lovely. Nighttime requires trousers and a often a coat. But looking smart is my thing.

Whilst it’s really a great shame we’re not all having dinner  in Folkestone tonight and then having a good piss up at the Southcliffe, this modeller is certainly planning ahead for Euro 2021. Hope to see you there.

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